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About the Prototype:

This game was made for a class project. It's a prototype game that I designed and programmed in about 12 hours about two years ago.

Sacrificial goat speed dating you know and love!

The Story:

You're a single goat. You haven't had a meaningful relationship for years now. After moving to the big city, your life has finally stabilized and you feel the need to get back into a relationship again. You read in the paper that there's a free goat speed dating session this Friday. Intrigued by the opportunity to flex your social goat muscles, you attend the event.

The host of the event – a fleshy human – stands at the door wearing cultist-esque garb. The air smells slightly of sacrificial rituals. "Speed dating sessions probably always smell like this" you assure yourself before wandering into the nice Italian restaurant...

The Gameplay:

You discover before the session starts that the cult only wants to sacrifice good, social goats. That means you'll need to make all your dates dislike you to survive. Some things to remember if you want to stay alive:

  • Quickly click on the goat-based comments that match your date's goat type. If the comment matches your goat date, then they'll lose interest because you're not pushing the conversation forward.
  • Goats are very forgetful. Even if they aren't happy at the moment, they can very quickly fall back in love with you over time or if you make a compelling choice.

Try and survive as many dates as possible. Alternatively, find love and let death strike you down. The option is up to you!

The Controls:

  • Mouse: Everything
  • Escape: Quit


The Game: Jake Grizzly Pierce
Title Translation: Lalaina Miner
itch.io Page Editing: Roxy Dvareckas & Molly McGee
Game Inspiration: Dylanna Kiely

Install instructions

Warning: This is currently Windows only!

(Sorry, no Mac so I can't test it as of right now)

The zip includes:

  • The executable
  • Unity3D data files
  • A read me file

All you need to do is click the executable to play!~


Yagi No Satsujin-sha!.zip (11 MB)

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